Drusy rhodochrosite was found many times in small pockets. These specimens are pale-pink to pink with crystals of 1-3 mm length. This variant is the one most frequently associated with shigaite specimens. One variation of pink rhodochrosite has needle-like transparent and bi-coloured crystals, which was found once in a small pocket. Another rare variety of pink rhodochrosite has curved rhombohedral crystals. These specimens originate from a small discovery in early 2006. All specimens were photographed using halogen lighting.

Rhodochrosite (RC010)

drusy, bright pink, on matrix

$ 35.00

Rhodochrosite (RC009)

drusy, bright pink, on matrix

$ 35.00

Rhodochrosite (RC001)

rhombohedral crystals

$ 50.00

Rhodochrosite (RC002)

rhombohedral crystals, with baryte

$ 100.00

Rhodochrosite (RC003)

needle-like crystals, with large baryte crystal

$ 75.00

Rhodochrosite (RC004)

drusy rhodochrosite, with a small shigaite crystal

$ 45.00

Rhodochrosite (RC008)

needle-like crystals, with baryte, on matrix

$ 75.00

Rhodochrosite (RC012)

large needle-like crystals, on matrix

$ 75.00

Rhodochrosite (RC013)

needle-like crystals, good luster

$ 50.00

Rhodochrosite (RC014)

with pyrochroite, on matrix

$ 150.00